IMVUSELELO Investments is a diversified, private asset investment firm founded in 2009, aiming to deliver superior returns to its investors through a unique investment process. Its major interests are in resources and financial assets.

IMVUSELELO's Investment Philosophy and Strategy

IMVUSELELO's investment strategy upon inception was primarily focused on merely "trading" equities. However, we have since matured into a multi-strategy, multi-disciplinary, investment management firm emphasizing meticulous research, precise analogy and risk management practices.

Our investment strategies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Fundamental and Technical Equity Portfolios
  • Derivatives – Commodity futures (The commodities that we specialise in are Nymex and Brent Crude. Derivatives offer us the ability to capitalize on arbitrage and contango opportunities that the oil market avails. We are able to take long or short positions depending on the direction of the market)
  • Global Quantitative Strategies, Valuation/assessment solutions.
  • Global Macro Strategies as well as Emerging Markets.

Our "foot to head" method of capturing specific information on an asset or company enables us to collect a wide spectrum of data that allows us to greatly reduce over-reliance on any single item of data and a small number of variables that would only serve to increase the margin of error throughout our decision making processes.

Imvuselelo is a global firm dedicated to value and wealth creation for its investors and shareholders, through the calculated pursuit and exploitation of comparatively priced assets with exponential growth potential.

In addition to this, our other major objective to ultimately evolve and grow into a self-financing business aspiring to be a significant fund manager, quantitative finance consulting and advisory institution devoted to the development of the South African economy.

IMVUSELELO's success is attributed to:

  • ur ability to draw, develop and challenge our professionals.
  • A corporate culture that encourages innovation, entrepreneurialism and accountability. Quantitative research – which provides extensive exposure and coverage of the entire financial market, for which data is available and accessible. Fundamental research – which afford in-depth coverage in particular focus areas, and where Imvuselelo has identified opportunities that will add and enhance value.
  • Portfolio structuring – where the investment team thrashes out ideas and combines the quantitative and fundamental research inputs, to accurately decide on the ultimate stock assortment.
  • Modern/ world-class infrastructure.
  • Is an investment business, looking for quality assets with growth potential.
  • Remains invested throughout the value curve.
  • Employees' interests are allied to those of investors, through risk sharing and equity incentives.

Imvuselelo's trading and investment team is comprised of vastly skilled and knowledgeable professionals with a proven track record in deal origination, structuring as well as the financial markets. Combining both quantitative processes and fundamental judgment to take full advantage of market inefficiencies.

We are able to leverage this skills base and access to financial and resource markets to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with investors Our corporate structure provides a solid base for entrepreneurial, equity-incentivised employees to leverage their skills and relationships in order to capitalise on investment opportunities across world markets.

By continuously attracting compatible and dynamic equity partners to help maximise assets. Our work force has vested interests in Imvuselelo and its businesses, thus aligning their interest with investors' interests.